About Samsara



The word Samsara has roots in Buddhism, Jainism and Hinduism, at its root it means “World” and as a concept refers to the cycle of life, death and re-birth. 

Our mission is to create a sustainable, eco friendly yoga brand that brings you comfort and style while never compromising our promise to Honor The Earth. 

Our active wear is made in a sustainable manufacturing facility in Bali
Indonesia, the facility is in compliance with the highest government standards paying fair wages and guaranteeing fair working hours and clean work space for its employees. We have a personalized activewear specialist named Chessy who I have Face Timed with and seen the smile on her face as she was helping us develop this brand. 

We sampled a dozen sustainable fabrics before finding the perfect fit for you, this buttery material will hug you like a glove and the best part is, with every purchase you are helping keep our oceans clean! Samsara active wear is made from materials derived from recycled water bottles and fishing nets found during ocean clean ups, giving these materials a second chance at life! 

Our lounge wear is made from organic cotton, sustainably made in Los Angelas, CA

and our yoga mats are made from Portuguese cork which is known as the the best cork in the world. Cork is a natural and sustainable resource that does not require harsh chemicals to produce, it’s naturally absorbent and contains antimicrobial and anti-fungal properties. The base of our yoga mats are slip resistant and made from natural tree rubber which is a plant derivative making it completely non toxic! 

So you can breath easy yogi, knowing that you are honoring your practice, your body and the earth. 

Love - Samsara